Imaging Machine for ZEBRAFISH & DROSOPHILA


We developed our Imaging Machine for easy, precise, robust and smart high content screening applications without the need for an expert to manage the experiment. We focused on integrated data management, long term data transparency, sensitive samples and a robust machine technology that allows Imaging Machines to learn and reproduce protocols from other devices. In other words: Imaging Machines are designed for everyone to use.



  1. Dorsal orientation tool
  2. Lateral orientation tool
  3. Image optimization – Deconvolution
  4. Smart Imaging interface (TCP based)
  5. Visualization tools    

  • Large / thick 3D specimen
  • Image optimization / de-blurring
  • Smart Imaging interface (TCP based)


  • Optimized Temperature control – unique laminar flow design for MT plates
  • Light power sensor at sample level
  • precise re-positioning (linear motor axis + 1nm resolution encoder)
  • Laser Autofocus
  • Smart Imaging Interface (TCP based)


  • Static MT plate holder (for very force sensitive yeast lines)
  • Laser Autofocus
  • Yeast optimized image based auto-focus
  • Image processing workflows
  • Robotic sample preparation expertise
  • Smart Imaging interface (TCP based)

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