InVi SPIM-Light Sheet Microscope

Product overview

Dedicated to live imaging, the Luxendo InVi SPIM is a microscope that has been optimized for long-term 3D fluorescence imaging of living specimens.

Easy access to the sample chamber, precisely controlled environmental conditions, maximized photo-efficiency, and short illumination times enable long-term imaging without harming live specimens. The minimization of required specimen medium further leverages its functionality.


                                       InVi SPIM                                                         InVi SPIM AIM (ADVANCED ILLUMINATION MODULE)

The InVi SPIM is the first commercially available inverted light-sheet microscope.
It is perfectly suited for a great variety of samples and applications ranging from cell culture to whole embryos (e.g. Drosophila and Zebrafish).

The Advanced Illumination Module (AIM) is a modular extension of the InVi SPIM that provides the highest level of flexibility for illuminating your sample with a light-sheet.
It expands the capabilities of the InVi SPIM: while maintaining the ease-of-use and stability of the system, it adds tailorable, interactive adaptability of the beam shape to suit the highly specific requirements of your sample. You choose what gives you the best results for your 3D high resolution imaging experiment – large field of view, high speed or optimal spatial resolution.



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