Big Data Solutions HIVE

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Solutions for Big Data

  • Modular platform design
  • High speed centralized data repository
  • Optimized for fast image processing and big data handling secure data storage
  • Easy up-scaling of storage volume

The HIVE system is designed for the pragmatic, biology-focused scientists. The platform boosts productivity in microscopy facilities and screening labs. HIVE is a High Speed Centralized Data Repository that removes the need to constantly move or duplicate data sets in processing and analysis workflows. Its modular design integrates high speed processing, visualization, remote access, project management, flexibility, data security, scalability and ease of use in one unit.

HIVE system includes 3 modules: CORE for processing, NET for communication, and DATA for storage. The modular platform has been optimized for image processing and data handling. Corresponding HIVE modules can be combined for optimal data processing e?ciency for di?erent facilities. More modules can be added anytime to provide more storage, processing power or dedicated network bandwidth. 



Lightsheet microscope
Large format sCMOS
Laser scanning confocal, Spinning disk, Screening microscope
3 HIVE modules recommended


1 to 2 rooms
up to 5 microscopes
up to 3 Image Analysis workstations
3 HIVE modules recommended


3 to 4 rooms
5 to 10 microscopes
up to 5 Image Analysis Workstations
5-7 HIVE modules recommended (depending on microscopes)


4 to n rooms
> 15 microscopes
> 5 Image Analysis Workstations
6- n HIVE modules recommended (depending on microscopes)


Backup of a HIVE can be done via dedicated Backup SW suites to

   a distant installed HIVE or
   to the local Central Data Repository.


HIVE CORE 3.6 GHz Hexcore CPU
  Nvidia GTX970 GPU
  Win Server 2012 R2 OS
  10TB data safe storgae with RAID5
  VPN based remote desktop access
  2x10Gbit/s copper or 2x10Gbit/s optical fibre (optional)
  128GB DDR4 RAM
HIVE NET Integrated Software Defined Network (SDN) router
  240Gb/s backbone
  12x10Gb/s router
  UPS battery backup for data safety
HIVE DATA RAID6 array in 52, 78, or 104TB
  Resilient file system (ReFS)
  Connectivity via Host Bus Adapter @ 4x12Gbit/s
  Plug-and-play expansion of storage
  Data collection rates at 800MB/s
  Hotswap Disk Replacement

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