Fast High-resolution Miniature Two-photon Microscopy

    Fast high-resolution miniaturized two-photon microscope (FHIRM-TPM) is accomplish to image of brain activity at the single dendritic spine level in freely behaving animals over a prolonged time period. With a headpiece weighing 2.6 g and a new type of hollow-core photonic crystal fiber to deliver 920-nm femtosecond laser pulses, the FHIRM-TPM is capable of imaging commonly used biosensors at high spatiotemporal resolution. Thus, our new generation miniature microscope provides neuroscientists the long-sought tool-of-choice for imaging the brain at the synaptic level in freely-behaving animals.

  FHIRM-TPM consists of three partsWith a headpiece weighing 2.6 g, a benchtop two-photon microscope and a main control unit ( 600 mm×552 mm×859 mm).


Typical Specifications of FHIRM-TPM


~2.6 g


~9.5 mm×15.5 mm×17 mm

Imaging method

Two channel fluorescence microscopic imaging

 (Single laser excitation)


920 nm femtosecond fiber laser



Image size

10~40 Hz at 512 × 256 pixels

Penetration depth

200 μmtake coverglass compensation


Lateral: 800 nm

Axial: 4 μm

Field of view

80 × 80 μm2 ~ 180 × 180 μm2

Data acquisition

FPGA &computer with data acquisition software

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