Hybrid Microscope

Upright and Inverted Hybrid Microscope

The IBIXX-1 is a multi-functional, multi-purpose microscope for double-sided sample illumination and observation

Based on the Olympus BX and IX series microscopes, the IBIXX-1 provides the user with unprecedented versatility in configuring scientific experiments using a variety of methods. The microscope provides two ports for upright and inverted full field illumination in transmitted light, as well as in fluorecence. By using objectives with different NA, the sizes of the fields of view illuminated from above and from below can be different, providing the general view of a large portion of the sample from one side (for instance a whole cultured neuron), while allowing the detailed view of a smaller area from the other side (for instance a dendrite branch)

A new level of functionality can be added by using the IBIXX-1 with the Rapp Opto spot and pattern illumination devices, the UGA-42 Firefly and UGA-42-GEO, the μ-Matrix and the AiWon. Now full field imaging from one side of the sample can integrated with localized photostimulation (eg. photoactivation or uncaging) from the other side, allowing the study of the signal transmission across thick samples without the need of expensive 2-photon stimulation to avoid unwanted signals from the intermediate layers.

The flexibility and versatility of the IBIXX-1 microscope makes it a powerful tool in:

  • electrophysiology in both patch clamp techniques and recordings using multielectrode arrays
  • single molecule photoactivation in conjunction with plasmonic hole arrays
  • retina stimulation studies


When combined with any of the spot or pattern illumination systems, the IBIXX can be used in any of the applications specific to the respective devices. 
1. In combination with plasmonic hole arrays: single cell photoactivation in cell cultured on the plasmonic cell arrays
2. In combination with any of the spot and pattern illumination devices: mapping, connectivity, signal transduction across the thickness of the tissue by photostimulating (photoactivation/inhibition, uncaging, optogenetics, photo stimulation of retina) on one side of the sample and imaging or recording (patch-clamp, MEA) on the other.

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