Q2 for Multiphoton Imaging

Q2 is a laser scanning nanoscope (LSN) that incorporates several measurement modalities for experimental quantitative biology and material sciences applications requiring the single molecule detection sensitivity.

Key Features of Q2 Laser Scanning Nanoscope:

  • Single- and multi-photon excitation on three separate input ports
  • Two channel acquisition
  • One, computer-controlled-aperture, pinhole
  • Fast scanning mirrors
  • Powered by VistaVision, a user-friendly software package for the acquisition of confocal images, FLIM/ FRET, RICS, and FFS (FCS, PCH, scanning FCS, N&B)
  • Excitation Modality
  • Three separate input ports allow for simultaneous alignment of one-photon excitation (laser diodes and supercontinuum laser) or multi-photon measurements (fiber laser, Ti:Sapphire laser).

Schematic Diagram of Q2

Measurements for Q2

Intensity and Lifetime Imaging (single plane and z-stack)

  • 1p or 2p confocal images
  • FLIM in frequency-domain or in TCSPC
  • Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging (PLIM)
  • Polarization images

Single Point Measurements

  • Intensity, polarization, kinetics, lifetime

Fluorescence Fluctuations Spectroscopy (FFS)

  • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
  • Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS)
  • Photon Counting Histogram (PCH)
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Correlation Spectroscopy (FLCS)
  • Scanning FCS
  • Number & Brightness (N&B)
  • RICS (raster imaging correlation spectroscopy)


  • 3D particle tracking trajectories
  • Nanoimaging reconstruction with 20 nm resolution

Single Molecule Analysis

  • Burst Analysis
  • FRET and Correlation methods
  • PIE-FRET methods

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