About us

Tim Winter Far East Limited , one of high-tech enterprise based in Beijing. It endeavors to proffer services and products of high quality to scientific research institutes, colleges, hospitals, and pharmaceutical factory, etc. and wins great reputation in the field.

Twinter is based in the providing imaging products and experiment solution to biologist. We will promote series products such as Confocal, Two-photon ,Super-Resolution and live Imaging microscope systems.Based on more than one decades of sales , application and technical background experiences in Super-Resolution Microscopy / Two-Photon and a passion for developing novel concepts and methods in imaging system for this new era of microscopy.  

We fully support microscope imaging products , from components to custom-solution systems in the live sciences .

We have one group of outstanding professional and technical personnel’s about high-end microscope imaging systems and  both had extensive experience on sales channel management and Key account customer management. We keep close relationship with each sales channel and most of VIP imaging customers in China

In the future we will make full use of our advantages and keep being closely linked with the internal and external markets to bring in more innovative products and proffer best services for the scientists of life sciences and make more contributions to Chinese life sciences.


To place the customer first, growing with our customers by providing the best solutions that is consistently a step ahead of market needs


Making every detail complete and perfect and making every employee working with enthusiasm is our goal . 


We must resolutely precede with our objective 


We strive for success , beyond our competitors.

Mr . Winter Qi  President - Founder
A master degree in Botany. He’s company president handling sales and distribution channels, OEM products and contracts.

After more than ten years of management consulting experience with Olympus in international, mainly strategically focused projects in the Asian-Pacific region high-tech industry。
During his career, he has acquired a profound knowledge in superresolution microscopy and high-end microscope system in particular.
Mr .  Wiliam  Executive Vice President  - Founder

A master degree in Physiology and more than 15 years of management experience in OlympusAt Twinter, he also contributes his extensive experience in scientific presentation , sales & market experiences and project management. Twenty years of experience in design and electro-optics system for biology applications.

Wiliam utilizes scientific domain knowledge, writing and media skills to develop new product content for training, marketing and outreach.
Mr . Tim Liu   Vice President of Sales - Founder
A Bachelor degree in Optical design. He has more than ten years and extensive sales and market experiences about high-end microscope system.

He worked in Carl Zeiss for 5 years as Regional Sales Manager and worked in Olympus for 5 years as Technical Marketing Manager .

Tim is responsible for sales and marketing in Greater China

Ms. Jenny Wang    Marketing Manager  

A Bachelor degree in environmental engineering from University of Science and Technology Beijing. She has 4 years experience in network products development, official website management and promotion in a listed software company, and over 4 years in online promotion and marketing activities organizing in Olympus marketing department.

Dr . ZiYu Li    R&D Director (Shang Hai)

Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology focusing on characterization of plant gravitropism and morphological development with advanced microscopic technique. Then he worked as a research fellow in University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Dr .Li  has worked with Applied Precision (GE Healthcare) for 5 years as application manager and sale manager. Then he joined Bruker taking care of APAC Fluorescent Microscopy business unit as National sale manager.

Mr .Tang ji    Regional Sales Manager (Shang Hai)

A Master of Biomedical Engineering from Tsinghua Univ . He worked in Carl Zeiss for 2 years as Product Specialist and worked in Nikon for 3 years as Technical Sales. He has extensive sales and application experiences about confocal , two-photon and software  (such as Fiji/ImageJ, Imaris).
He is responsible for sales and marketing in East of China。

Dr . Shaopeng Fan    Senior Application Manager
He received his Ph.D degree from Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences .Then he worked as a research fellow in Tsinghua University and University of California, Santa Cruz.
Dr .Fan has more than ten years of application experiences in two –photon microscope technology. Dr .Fan is responsible for development, training and testing of new systems. Such as Live cell imaging, Confocal and Two –photon microscope technology.
Dr .  Xu      Patch Clamp Application Manager 
A Ph.D. degree in Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 
Dr.Xu has more than ten years of experiences in patch – clamp and advanced optical imaging technologies to advance the understanding of path- physiological processes, destination, functions, integration with host tissues /organs of implanted ESC derived cells for treatment of injured organ function.
Dr. Xu is responsible for development, training and testing of new systems. Such as Patch-Clamp ,Live cell imaging, Confocal and Two –photon microscope technology.
Miss .Yimei Zhang   Office Manager 
A master degree in MBA of Northwestern Polytechnical University
She is Twinter office manager in charge of shipment, logistics, and communication exchanges with customers and suppliers.

Contact us Address :RM617, 6/F. Office Tower A, Beijing Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City ,100022,China 中国北京市朝阳区东三环中路7号 北京财富中心写字楼A座6层617室 Telephone:010- 65129207 Fax :010- 65129207 Email :tim_liuyi@aliyun.com , tim@hktimwinter.com 京ICP备15043433号-1