Large Overhang Two-Photon

Large Overhang Two-Photon

FemtoS Bridge is a FemtoSmart microscope with an elevator which lifts the body in 460mm range in Z direction allowing astonishing movability above the sample. The extended space under the objective allows studying large subjects or using the extensive VR environments.



 Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Edvard I. Moser   ( The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014 )


  • extreme movability in z-direction
  • tilting objective for xy movement
  • new design


                                                               Automated Tilting objective


The large space under the objective, where you can place virtual reality, movable tables, electrophysiological devices, is extremely useful for behavioral studies and supports functional studies of model organisms from C. elegans to non-human primates.


The modular nature of the microscope allows us to assemble the components, recombine and upgrade the system perfectly fitting the customer’s needs. One or two laser paths can be built into the microscope, a femtosecond, a two-photon laser for imaging and a secondary laser, either for imaging or photoactivation. Galvano or resonant scanner directs the laser beam, and dual scanner configuration is available too. The detection is established by multialkali and/or high sensitivity GaAsP photomultipliers. The system can be extended with a lot of special devices such as a piezo objective positioner and afocus tunable liquid lens for fast Z-scanning, SmartBridge for increased mobility, etc. We offer special solutions for optogenetics and uncaging studies.

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