MuVi SPIM (CLEARED SAMPLE) -Light Sheet Microscope




Latest sCMOS camera technology and optimized combinations of objective lenses enable you to obtain the best from your sample: data you always wanted but could never get.

  • Intrinsic 3D optical sectioning
  • Large field of view
  • Close-to-confocal resolution
  • Very high imaging speed
  • Highest sensitivity and minimal noise


                                            MuVi SPIM                                                                    MuVi SPIM CS (CLEARED SAMPLE)

The MuVi SPIM LS is the very first light-sheet microscopy system by LUXENDO.

Featuring a horizontal setup, it is designed to image large volumes of living objects very fast. The unique 4-axis concept with its two-sided illumination facilitates four orthogonal views of the sample without the need for rotation.


The LUXENDO MuVi SPIM CS is an extension of the MuVi SPIM capabilities to enable 3D imaging of optically cleared samples.

The sample chamber, the illumination and the detection unit in the octagon are adapted to match the experimental needs in terms of sample size, refractive index, field-of-view and resolution, adding high flexibility to the system.

The Cleared Sample Module is an add-on consisting of an exchangeable cleared sample octagon and an overhead sample positioning unit installed on the microscope’s top plate.
The octagon can be easily removed from the microscope for maintenance and cleaning of the sample chamber and the objective lenses that have been exposed to the mounting solution. The sample chamber is compatible with a broad range of solutions used in different clearing protocols. Available in two different sizes (max. volumes of 20 ml and 33 ml), the sample chamber can accommodate large samples such as mouse brains and other complete organs. Sample mounting from above enables easy sample access and optimized travel range suited for various mounting methods (e.g. hook, plate, pin or cuvette).
Flexible illumination and detection configurations leverage the MuVi SPIM CS to meet your application needs and allow imaging of a great variety of samples at high speed and high resolution.


The four objective lenses allow four combinations of illumination and detection. This provides four orthogonal views of the specimen without the need for sample rotation, enabling:

  • Multiple view imaging of large samples at unprecedented speed
  • Long-term stability
  • Time series over several days
  • Robust image registration
  • Efficient data fusion and visualization



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