New RCM installation in Tsinghua University, Beijing

2018-04-08 read:388

A new unit of RCM with bypass module has been successfully installed in Prof Yu Li’s lab, Tsinghua University, Beijing.


Adding of RCM to the rarely-used Nikon Eclipse Ti microscope converts it to a day-to-day confocal microscope. PFS module and incubation system are planned to be added on to the system, and current Andor iXon+ EMCCD camera will likely be upgraded to Hamamatsu Flash 4 sCMOS camera. These addons and upgrades will make the RCM system even more powerful, which fully supports high-resolution, long-time-lapse, live cell imaging experiments.

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Left: Lab Setup (Nikon Ti Microscope + RCM)
Right: 3 color image taken by installed RCM, without any image processing

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